Kettlebell Leader Fit noir 4kg

Kettlebell Leader Fit noir 4kg

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Kettlebell Leader Fit noir 4kg

Combine muscular and cardio strengthening with the 8 kg kettlebell. Training with kettlebells gives you more strength, more power and also more flexibility and resistance for a better musculation. Unlike dumbbells, the kettlebell allows you to perform pendulum movements. This weight training accessory uses many muscle groups and allows you to work on coordination, balance, cardio, sheathing, strength, agility...

To make the best use of the kettlebells, you can practice ballistic training as part of cross training. The latter consists of accelerating and then releasing (or accompanying) a weight. This type of sports training targets the fast muscle fibres that have the greatest potential for development.

Another important point in favour of kettlebell is the asymmetric workout. Just like a dumbbell, it allows independent movement to the right and left. Thus one can rebalance one's weaknesses instead of strengthening them as is the case in weight training with a barbell.

All kettlebells have a weight display and a chrome handle. The underside is flattened so that the kettlebell stays firmly in place and cannot move. This ensures stability and prevents movement when you are between exercises. With its rubber coated base it protects your floor from wear and tear.

Additional Information

Brand Leader Fit
Manufacturer SKU 2969
Color black
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult
Assortment 4kg