Treadmill curve Bodytone [Size 40x120 cm]

Treadmill curve Bodytone [Size 40x120 cm]
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Treadmill curve Bodytone

The ZRO-TH is an elite treadmill from fitness that contains an intense workout.
Motorless and easy to move: The ZRO-TH runs on the power of the user with no energy consumption and low empreinte carbon. Users will be impressed with the intensity of a workout they can generate with the strength of their feet. The ZRO-TH is one of the lightest treadmills in its class. Its light weight combined with 100% foldable handlebars and integrated transport wheels allow you to quickly and easily reconfigure your workout space.

Additional Information

Brand Bodytone
Manufacturer SKU ZROTH
Color black / yellow
Color Black
Size 40x120 cm - French sizes by default